Why You Should Work Abroad

Two years after graduation, Emma worked as a salesperson and felt sorry for herself all the time. She wasn’t satisfied with her current job. How did she – an excellent student with a near-perfect GPA – end up selling toys?
Not long after that, she decided to search for a job abroad. Fortunately, she obtained an offer from a big multinational company with a high salary. It turned out to be the best decision she ever made. She quickly became one of the best employees and got promoted.
There are millions of people like Emma who wish to build their career outside their home country. So, why do they find all ways to work abroad? What are the advantages? Below are the answers that you will be convinced.

1. Embark on a Great Adventure

If you love traveling, you may know how amazing it is when it comes to visiting a new place. You will step out of your comfort zone and go through a bunch of entirely new experiences. You may feel insecure, anxious, exhausted and depressed. But eventually, you will become more independent, confident, and adaptable. You will realize you are immensely stronger than you think since you have capabilities to handle any difficulties.
By trading everything you already have for a new, challenging but worthy life, you open the door to the most exciting adventure of your life. One thing for sure, you will never have to regret to work abroad!

2. Learn New Languages

Relocating overseas for work means you are open to a new culture and (at least) a new language. It’s more likely that you don’t speak that language and have trouble with communication. But don’t worry! This barrier is indeed a bonus when you decide to work abroad. It brings you great opportunities to learn, practice, and master a language. Every day you go out or come to the office, you meet your colleagues and the locals. You talk to them using their mother tongue. You immerse yourself in their culture. It’s only a matter of time before you become fluent in the language.
And in case you don’t know: people who speak more than one language can get paid more as much as 20%. Besides, excellent language skills differentiate the top performers and earners. This list goes on.

3. Expand Your Network Globally

Having a secure network is a massive advantage towards searching for a job and building a career. To get it, one of the effective ways is going to work abroad. More specifically, working overseas gives you the chance to build relationships with people in your field on an international level. You will meet people who come from different cultures and have time to discuss anything with them. Furthermore, from new friends, neighbors to other locals like shopkeepers, doctors, and plumbers, they are all new to you. Talk to them, and you will learn useful things.
Even when you decide to move back to your home country, you can continue to foster these relationships remotely and incorporate them into the new job. One day, you will understand how your network can make miracles for your career. Be patient!

4. Become More Courageous

Living abroad when you are in your 20s is considered a dangerous decision. But this decision will pay off in the future. You don’t know how many lessons and experiences you will learn along the way until you get them. So, take risks and embrace all the obstacles since they are cornerstones to help you thrive.
When you deal with challenges on a daily basis, for example, developing the relationship with new colleagues or talking to the local authorities, your resilience grows. There will be moments you want to burst into tears, but ultimately, you will pick yourself up and keep going.

5. Increase Cultural Awareness

By working abroad, you can observe a country in its natural environment. You will discover new ways to do things differently and get to know how a different historical background impacts human behaviors. Also, you’re free to immerse yourself in the local way of living, connect with more and more people, and adapt to the new community quickly.
Besides, when you choose to live and work overseas for a certain period, you can travel and learn the country slowly. You don’t feel urged to cram a lot of sightseeing in a few days like a tourist. Now you have more time to explore everything you want, from museums to natural wonders, and revisit them at any time.

6. Become More Adaptable

Working abroad requires you several skills since each nation complies with a different set of values and customs in the workplace. For example, you will have to get used to doing things quickly and adapting fast. You can’t just sit on the chair and complain about your decision. You have to move on no matter what happens. Once you try to think positively and find ways to overcome your situations, you will learn how to accept things and become more adaptable.
Do you hate the food? Or you can’t eat something spicy? You may develop a taste of things you wouldn’t have considered before. The local sense will start to influence your choices. Hard to manage your time effectively? Or your time management sucks after you move abroad? Don’t worry. You will know how to handle them in the long run. As long as you are excited to explore a new place and have an open mind, your living style will keep evolving.

7. Make Your CV Outstanding

Imagine you have two years of experience working abroad. You are sure to be much more attractive to employers than someone who works locally. It’s because when you work abroad, you will cultivate a rich diversity of skills, from expertise to soft skills like communication, adaptability, and problem-solving.
Besides, you will learn how to control conflicts, pay close attention to what people are saying, and be careful in how you respond. These skills are invaluable when you develop your career in the future and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

8. Gain More Money

Most of us know the fact that professional expats are likely to earn more than their colleagues back in their home countries. The reason is partly due to paying less income tax and encounter fewer hidden charges locally. Even if you work in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, or Japan, you can get paid much more than the global average.
Some countries all over the world lack local talent in specific industries. They are willing to offer high salaries along with a few perks to hire outstanding employees from other nations. So, if you wish to gain international experiences and live abroad, it’s time to start your job search.

9. Boost Your Career

Getting a job in another country may be one of the best things you do for your career which is especially true if you are at the start of your working life. For example, if you know the field you want to work in and do research on which countries offer opportunities in that field, you will probably open yourself up to a greater chance of catching your dream job. The more you show your capabilities to do things well, the quicker you can take on high-level positions.
Working abroad also makes your bright career once you become bilingual and possess a global network of contacts. As said earlier, speaking more than one languages brings you numerous personal and professional benefits, which isn’t only about compensations but also relationships and self-development. Meanwhile, if you build a social circle, you will always get help and support from many people at once.

10. Personal Growth

By living and working in an international environment, you can meet new people and see how people lead their lives. You will then acquire a new perspective on your values and heritage. You start to realize what you are doing, what you get, and what you miss out. Finally, you will see something change in your mind, and this is the big thing you can get if you live abroad.
Additionally, working overseas means you will become more independent and self-reliant. You can do many things without having any guidance from your parents, and you can make decisions on your own. In return, it will help you become more self-confident since you are ready to show yourself without any fear. These skills will undoubtedly make you a better individual as well as a better professional over time.
To sum up, your professional and personal development can be significantly improved when you work abroad. Once you get a job in a different country, you will learn a wide variety of good (and also wrong) things in the journey, but they are worth trying. So, get ready to find a work abroad today, and if you need any help from a leading recruitment agency, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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