So, why Are Recruitment Agencies and Headhunters different?

recruitment agency is different from headhunters

When it comes to recruitment agencies and headhunters, a lot of people think both of them are the same and can use it interchangeably at times. But here is the fact: the way they work is radically different, even though they share the ultimate goal.
There are two critical points of difference between employment agencies and headhunters.

1. Position


A recruitment agency often recruits for positions:

which are the junior levels
which do not require much experience or any particular skill set

Besides, a recruitment agency hire candidates for multiple roles all at once. If a candidate doesn’t match with a position or doesn’t get the job, the agency will recommend other positions to the candidate. In general, a recruitment agency can help find the candidates for any job, but they may not be an ideal solution in terms of searching for high-level candidates.

Meanwhile, a headhunter is in charge of recruiting for positions:
  – which are senior, executive or critical levels
  – which require a lot of experience and a hard-to-find or remarkable skill set

Headhunters tend to focus on a few roles at a specific time. Their potential candidates could be the ones who want to change their job or who aren’t currently looking for a new opportunity. When working with the candidates, headhunters must convince them that the job (and the company) is worth considering. That is why headhunters are increasingly valuable to many employers in some specific industries like IT and finance.

2. Process


Employment agencies often place an advertisement through job portals, social media channels, resume maker websites, etc. Then, when a job seeker sees that ad and feels interested in it, he will approach the employment agencies. In a word, they adopt a “reactive” method to find active job seekers.

Recruitment Agencies work for you, not for the company.

On the other hand, headhunters adopt a different strategy. They are proactive in utilizing their secure network and other relationships. These methods make them able to hunt out the top talents who exactly match the criteria the company needs. That way, they can run after the “hard-to-find” candidates who best fit for their client’s requirements.

Headhunters work for the company, not for you.


Employment Agencies and Headhunters: Which One You Should Choose

Indeed, both employment agencies and headhunters are essential to fill job vacancies. Their services aim at serving different needs, so you should ponder their main differences before making the final decision.
Headhunters are just too focused on finding the high-qualified candidate who fits their criteria.

You will waste your time and effort if you try to connect with them.

Most employers rarely use headhunters to find the candidates for junior positions. Instead, they will connect with employment agencies. This helps them to fill a high volume of jobs quickly As said earlier, using recruitment firms is beneficial to your job search journey since they can provide additional options if you do not fit in a specific position.


You Should Choose the Right Recruitment Agency

Headhunters are not the best choice for these reasons:

  1. To hire junior positions
  2. For companies trying to hire good candidates quickly
  3. Job-seekers trying to switch careers
  4. Freshers new to the job market

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