Why exactly should I appoint Trust Vision as my employment agency?

With us, you can rest assured that you’ll only hire the best and most qualified workers for your company. We are the #1 foreign manpower specialist in the whole of Singapore and our track record has shown that we are more than trustworthy and effective. Our candidates, regardless of whether local or foreign, are of the highest levels of qualification and competence and we can assure you that they will have no qualms with meeting your expectations.

Apart from recruitment consultancy, we also have a wide array of services that are geared at ensuring that your company is well ahead of others in your industry and line of work. For instance, we can help you become an s pass worker by getting you the appropriate requirements (an s pass levy, perfect assessment criteria, etc.)

What is the importance of engaging an employment agency?

An agency is the best bet for you to be able to effectively handle all the tedious administrative work and employment procedures. This is because we can easily ease the pressure of your workload and human resource needs from your shoulder. Through our vast knowledge of MOM’s rules and the latest updates straight from the Ministry of Manpower on changes that are being made to the Employment Act, we will have no issues at all with assisting you in your bid to try to recruit and employ only the best available.

What are the procedures to follow when hiring a worker from Trust Vision?

Hiring is as simple as it can be. All you have to do is place a call to our company hotline (8456 8456) and we will have an experienced employment specialist speak with you immediately. In order to get you the best fit, we will have to get information about the job description. Also, if you’ll like to employ foreign workers, you will need to get information about your company’s quota and eligibility. W me can help you with that. Once these are confirmed, we will make the necessary arrangements and prepare the relevant work passes and prepare the various administrative and operational procedures involved in completing the work pass process. We can help your foreign workers to qualify as PRC workers as well. All we have to do is perfectly assess the conditions surrounding their work eligibility and get them the appropriate requirements as well.

Can an employee go for a pro-rated (AL) annual leave?

Definitely. The leave will be administered in proportion to the number of months in service as soon as the worker has been at the job for at least 3 months.

Example: Peter has been in active service at ABC company for a period of 3 months and 14 days. To get his annual leave entitlement, the correct calculation involves the following

3 (months) / 12 (month in a year) x 7 (annual leave a year) = 1.75 (i.e. 2 days)

Can the Recruitment Agency also open a bank account for the foreign worker?

Absolutely. We at Trust Vision can help the foreign worker open a personal bank account even while getting their work pass issued.

What agencies provide medical insurance for foreign workers?

There is a wide array of reputable insurers in town and you can have your pick at the litter. Some of them include Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd, NTUC Income Insurance Co-Operative Ltd and Overseas Assurance Corporation Ltd. MOM has been able to liaise with these insurers and they’ve been able to develop suitable insurance plans. You are also free to choose others. The important thing is that they meet the coverage criteria.

Does an employer have the freedom to refuse an employee’s resignation?

Sadly, No. All employees are free to tender their resignation whenever they feel. All they need to do is serve notice or compensate you with a salary in lieu. Refusing to allow an employee quit a job is in direct violation of the law.

When I hire a foreigner, the levy that I have to pay is exactly how much?

The Foreign Worker Levy is a monthly fee that is paid for every employed foreign worker. It acts as a pricing mechanism and its function is to regulate the foreign staffing in Singapore.

The levy amount depends on these 2 factors:

  1. The worker’s general qualifications
  2. The dependency ceiling or quota (this factor applies to the services and manufacturing sectors).

To find out the full details on levy payment, check out the full details in MOM’s website:


Is my company responsible for purchasing an air ticket and repatriating a foreign worker in the event of a premature break of contract?

Yes, it is compulsory for the company to purchase the air ticket. Under the Work PermitConditions, the employer is saddled with the responsibility of paying for repatriation at all times. A failure to do this will mean that you fall short of the Work Permit Conditions under MOM law.